Required elective courses for this concentration:

  • Randomized Controlled Trials (M19-550)
  • Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis (M19-551)
  • 9 additional credits of elective courses with approval from program leadership

The competencies to be demonstrated at the end of the program expand on the overall MPHS and include:

  • Achieve competency in designing observational studies, intervention studies and randomized controlled trials to address a clinical population health issue.
  • Identify appropriate data sources for exploring a clinical research question and conduct relevant secondary analyses.
  • Draw inferences from epidemiologic data to guide practice guidelines. Evaluate quality and comparability of epidemiologic data.
  • Articulate considerations for data monitoring, safety and reporting in clinical research studies.
  • Evaluate the utility and limitations of biomarkers in clinical practice.
  • Synthesize existing evidence for screening, diagnosis and management of disease.
  • Analyze and develop studies that compare the benefits, harms and effectiveness of treatment options.