Finding courses

Courses offered in the MPHS program are categorized as either a core course or an elective course. All 7 core courses are required for MPHS students, and elective courses are chosen based on career goals and interests. MPHS students: Read the academic overview for more information on the MPHS curriculum.

Who can take courses

Courses in the MPHS program are open to:

  • Students enrolled in the MPHS program
  • Students enrolled in other master’s-level programs at Washington University
  • MDs and clinical doctorates who wish to take one or several courses to build a specific skill set

Course length

Some courses run the entire semester. These courses are designated as Fall 1 and 2 or Spring 1 and 2. Other courses run only part of the semester (example: Fall 1 or Spring 2). Some courses last only a few weeks and are noted as such. Refer to the academic calendar and each course’s syllabus for session and semester dates.

How to register

Contact MPHS Program Coordinator, at

When to register

Many courses reach capacity quickly. Contact Monique Stoves several months or weeks before the course is scheduled to begin. The latest you can register is the week a course begins. 


All MPHS courses are held on the second floor of the Taylor Avenue Building on the Washington University medical campus. Refer to each course’s syllabus for the classroom name and number.


The MPHS program does not have parking space available for students. If you must drive to the medical campus, use the Clayton Avenue Garage (next to the Taylor Avenue Building) or the Metro Garage (across the street, north of the Taylor Avenue Building). These are both pay-per-hour lots.