Ryan Kronen, MD/MPHS

MD/MPHS 2019 graduate

Why were you interested in the MPHS program?

There were several reasons I chose to enroll in the MPHS program. First, I was interested in getting a more in-depth education with regard to evidence-based medicine and how to better interpret and utilize the existing medical literature. Second, I wanted to become more actively involved in research while simultaneously giving myself more time to explore different medical specialties and potential career paths.

How has your MPHS degree impacted your medical school degree, and future work?

The MPHS program gave me the opportunity to explore my interest in Infectious Disease and clinical research, both through direct research activities and through developing mentorships. During the year I was also able to publish several articles which made me a more competitive candidate for residency programs. Most importantly, though, I developed a skillset through didactic courses that I will be able to continue to build on throughout my career.

How do you feel the MPHS degree will impact your residency applications?

I believe the MPHS degree made me a more unique and competitive applicant for residency programs. Not only did I have the extra degree and experiences to talk about during interviews, but I was also able to add several publications to my CV.

What would you say to someone considering the MPHS program?

I think it’s a great opportunity and something definitely worth doing. A year can seem like a long time at this level of training but in the scheme of things it’s a relatively small sacrifice to make for a jumpstart into a lifetime of clinical research and work.

What advice would you give to someone in medical school about clinical research?

Get involved! Wash U is unique in the number of opportunities available to students and it’s never too early to get involved. Clinical research is a great way to solidify your interests, build your CV, and find valuable mentors all at the same time.